Monday, June 27, 2011

Anna Jean Hart

Today was this pretty girl's birthday... 

...and I wanted to do a post to let her know how amazing she is!
Anna lived right across the hall from me freshman year. We met my very first weekend at BYU during new student orientation. We had an awesome adventure involving a creepy Y Group leader, a Saturday morning trip to the temple...

...and then a hike to Cascade Falls.

Starting with that first weekend we became fast friends.
Here are some fun facts about Anna...

She makes a HOT red M&M.

She's a BYU fan and I love going to sporting events with her.

She loves me and Alli (hopefully!), even though we're a little weird.

She let's us go dress shopping with her, even though we mess around in the store the whole time.

She looks fabulous in a toilet paper wedding dress.

She's married to an amazing guy who treats her like a queen and I couldn't be happier for them!

(Photo by Jennie Rae Photography)

I love you so much Squishy and I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!


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