Sunday, March 20, 2011

Texas Girls

For most of my life my Dad lived in Houston and I'd go visit him for half the summer. Now he lives in Denver and I'm finding that I miss Houston quite a bit. I miss the beach and the heat, but mostly I miss the people. When I'd visit my Dad I always refused to go to Young Women's (I was a little shy believe it or not). Finally he convinced me to go and I met Kaydee.What followed was friendships and fun times with a bunch of girls that I love! Well a few years have passed and not a bunch of us are at BYU. So... I had to have them over for dinner of course!

 Pictured Above: Tria, Katelyn, Me, and Katherine

 The only one who's missing is Kaydee because the lucky girl is at BYU-Hawaii.

And here's a flashback to girl's camp in 2008.

I've had so many fun times with these girls: The "wa" game, silly songs at girl's camp, saran wrapping cars, saran wrapping the bishop and his wife, the duck tape master, the bandana chief, and so many other wonderful memories! I'm so lucky that even all the way in Texas I was able to find friends who had the same values as I did and accepted me with such welcoming arms. Thank you girls for being such great friends!

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  1. Glad you Texas girls got together. We actually miss Houston too... sometimes...
    We definately miss old Texas friends. Love Dad.