Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finals Week Ramblings

Can I just express how much I hate finals? I mean, whose idea was it to cram all the biggest, hardest, comprehensive exams into one week at the end of the semester?

I decided today that the majority of BYU students begin to study on the third day of finals. This discovery was made as I wandered aimlessly through the library trying to find a table to sit at. The place was packed! It makes me claustrophobic.

Finals week fries my brain. I seem to have a lot more blonde moments. Does anyone know how to turn this drinking fountain on? Because Brittany and I sure couldn't figure it out. Until a nice young man showed us how. So embarrassing.

(FYI, it's the little black button. I don't know about you, but most drinking fountains I have used have a much more prominent button than that.)

Just to add to all the stress, my apartment complex requires “white glove” cleaning checks at the end of the semester. I have five finals to take and you want me to do some spring cleaning during all my free time? Come on people!

In spite of all the stress I have a few things to get me through. Last night I baked cookies to keep myself awake (my roommate thought I was crazy when she woke up to get a drink). 

The best thing I have is good friends and family to help me through it. 

Here are a  few shout-outs for them:
  • Anna – Thank you for the Kit Kat. Chocolate always helps during studying.
  • Mom – Thank you for helping me with my taxes. I (literally) couldn’t have finished them without you.
  • Brittany – Thank you for keeping me sane in the library. It tends to take the form of a prison unless I have someone to eat cheese-its and E.L. Fudge with.
  • Alli – Thank you for the hug. Sometimes that’s all a girl really needs.
  • Meighan – Thank you for the homemade chocolate truffles. It’s the little things that make me smile.
  • Any friends or family that I’ve missed – Thank you and I love you!

(Yes, everyone I’m aware that many of these shout-outs include food. Even though it’s a little embarrassing, my friends know what makes me happy!)

So here’s to two more finals and then a week-long escape from Provo! May these finals pass quickly and painlessly (even though they probably won’t).

If you too suffer from these finals week symptoms…best of luck… I’d help you if I could!

Peace Out,

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  1. Hang in there babe...the end is in sight! Thinking bout you.