Monday, April 4, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Let’s just say that I am spoiled. I got to ditch three classes, spend four days in California and go to Disneyland for two days. It was about 85 degrees Thursday and Friday. It was a balmy 70 the other two days. I even got an awesome farmers tan (dorky I know, but anything is better than my blinding winter skin). The only bad part about the weekend was coming back to about a foot of snow. Curse that Provo weather.

Here are some of the family's (or maybe just my) favorite memories from the trip:
  • Operation keep Brady awake (which resulted in naming opposites the whole way back to the hotel).
  • A claustrophobic Mother (she was not a fan of the Finding Nemo ride in the deep, dark submarine).
  • Having both Space Mountain and the Matterhorn break down while we were in line! We were even sitting in the actual bobsled on the Matterhorn, so we decided to wait that one out.

  • Mom: "Syd, if I were to buy you one thing at Disneyland, what would it be?" Syd: "A churro." (I promise I'm not weird people I just LOVE churros!)
  • The way Tom wore his backpack (he's going to kill me for posting this picture).

  • Red Robin.... [cue Riley, Brady, and Sydney]... "Yumm!"
  • Meeting Pluto (but no other Disney characters because my Mom is not a character Mom. Do you blame her though? An hour wait is pretty ridiculous to see the Disney Princesses.)

  • Syd's blonde moment for the weekend = packing church clothes (oops, I forgot that it was General Conference)
  • Seeing California cousins (Brady picked oranges off their tree and scooped dog poop for them, while I devised ways to steal Cory's basketball shoes that are signed by The Jimmer.)
  • Newport Beach Temple (everyone loves to go to a new temple!)

  • Mom buying Tom a salad, when all he really wanted was a big burger.
  • Riley singing the Indiana Jones theme song on the Indiana Jones ride (I think it helped her not be scared).
  • Singing teach me how to Jimmer in the mornings (It's a great song to get ready to and it drives the parent crazy).
  • I think this picture pretty much sums up the ride experience for the weekend. Brady putting his hands up on all the roller coasters. Mom protecting her "babies" from falling out (even though the rides are made so you don't fall out) and Riley scared out of her mind. 

And here are some extra pictures just for fun!

It was most definitely a successful trip. I love my family and I am so thankful that they included me in their spring break!

And now, it’s back to the normal grind. Speaking of which, I have a paper to write.Thank goodness I only have two and half weeks left in the semester!


  1. We were so glad to see you and so glad you didn't steal the precious Jimmer shoes. Love you!

  2. How fun that you got to go to Disneyland!! You got some great pictures. The one of you guys on the roller coaster made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! Riley looks soo scared and I love that your mom is "protecting" Brady. That is a total mom thing!!

  3. SoCal Jones': I'll be back! ha ha It was great to see you guys too :)
    Jen: Ha ha I'm glad you got a good laugh out of that picture too. Thanks for reading my blog!